Sexy Battery Aaa/lr3

Sexy Battery Aaa/lr3

Sexy Battery Aaa/lr3
Sexy Battery put some energy into your sex toys.

Sexy Battery is a brand of erotic toy batteries.

These batteries have been developed to answer exactly to specific needs of sex toys, vibrators, vibrating sex toys and erotics gear, which used a lot of energy.

Sexy Battery turned to their development team of engineers to bring to you the most advanced erotic gears batteries.

You will be able to find these batteries in all the erotic web shops and shops around the world.

Sexy Battery engineers have developed different kind of products: Alkaline Sexy Battery AAA LR3 specifications: Voltage 1.5V.

Type Xtra Endurance Alkaline.

Batteries per Package 4.

Other names LR03, LR3, R3, AAA, N2400, AM4, E92, UM4.

Shape cylindrical.

Size 44.5mm.

Diameter 10.5mm The Sexy Battery batteries deliver powerful and constant performance that keeps going and going ll our Erotic Gears.

Providing long life for your sexy toys.

Our Endurance Line generation is exactly what you need.

You never stop to have pleasure.

Your battery should not either stop.

Please dispose of batteries properly when spent.

Always store of reach of small children.

Choking hazard.

Adult Novelty products are intended for use by ADULTS!. If you are under 18, and have arrived at this website, we ask you to please find more appropriate material to view.